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Enmane-toolless UTP Keystone Jack, Self-terminating-no tool required

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Stable & Efficient/10 Gigabits Transmission/Toolless

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Enmane toolless UTP Keystone Jack,Self-terminating-no tool required

Stable & Efficient/10 Gigabits Transmission/Toolless

CAT.7 - CAT.6A - CAT.6 - CAT.5E
Keystone Jack


Customized type(Dust-proof)

Keystone Jack

Common type

Keystone Jack

Appearance:Ultra shield
Dust-proof Shutter:Protect the Ferrule
PCB Board:All-in-one Design,Anti-interference,Stablilize Network
IDC Terminal Base:Phosphor bronze contact teeth ensure the stable signal transmission.
Toolless:Self-terminating, no tool required
Ferrule:6U-50U gold plated,full copper conductor
Connector:Universal RJ45 sockets,8P8C

Dustproof Shutter——Patent No.201822235687.3

Dustproof,pin pretective,corrosion-resistant
Keystone Jack

Universal Ferrule——Patent No.201822233731.7

Gold plated surface,flat design,10 Gigabit/s Transmission
Keystone Jack

All-in-one designed PCB board

All-in-one Design,Protective shielded housing reduces EMI/RFI interference,nd provide faster speed network with less interference.
Keystone Jack

IDC Terminal Base

Phosphor bronze contact teeth ensure the stable signal transmission.
Keystone Jack

Line sequence:568A/568B

Keystone Jack

Technical parameters

Manufacturer:Enmane Group
Type:Network keystone jack
Dimension:37*16*14 MM(The dimension is only for reference)
Certification:FLUKE/3P Certificate
Wire Gauge:22-26WAG
Customized:Dust cover
Certification:FLUKE/3P Certificate
Material:Metal housing,Eco-friendly PC
Application:Compatible with any standard RJ45 sockets,Enmane's patch panels, surface boxes, or wall plates (face plates)
Applicable place:Industry/Data center/Office/Buildings/ Vessel/Space/House
Line sequence:568A/568B
Warranty Period: 12 months


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